Eithrean hairstyles

Traditional Eritrean Hairstyles

Abyssinian hairstyles are as diverse and colorful as the many ethnic groups that inhabit the nation. They characterize and distinguish each ethnicity and play an necessary role in normal societies. Depending on the gender, sure hairstyles can even grant records about a person’s beliefs, marital status and to which ceremonial events they are taking part in.

Erithrean bride – copyright pininterest

Among female from the Tigrinya ethnic group, there are 5 hairstyles that are oftentimes found: albaso, gamme, segem, rubbo and gilbich. Albaso usually consists of seven giant braids that driftback until the stop extends out like a fur coat. Segem, rubbo and gilbich are comparable hairstyles that have smaller braids going without delay again with various patterns. Gamme coiffure is supposed for adolescent female who haven’t married. This hairstyle typically facets braids being braided to the aspects and backward.

Traditional Erithrean braids – copyright pininterest

The most frequent hairstyles found amongst Tigre ladies are known as fegiret and qedamit. These hairstyles consists of small micro-braids that run sideways and straight again to the nape of the neck. Fegiret also elements seven strands of braids grouped collectively into two separate areas that cowl the forehead slightly.

Among traditional Hidarab (Beja), Beni-Amer and some Tigre men, they fashion their hair in a fluffy crown like shape that have lengthy ringlets putting down on the sides. This type of hairstyle is known as the tiffa in the erithrean language. Certifying to its antiquity, ancient Egyptian art work discovered in tombs that date again to the 12th Dynasty exhibit the tiffa hairstyle being current amongst their citizens.

During the Eritrean revolution, many freedom opponents sported a coiffure known as jebjeb. It consisted of small to massive dread-like twists that grew to become popular amongst all the extraordinary male ethnolinguistic groups. When Eritrean guys have been viewed with this hairstyle, it signified they have been pro guerrilla fighters who had been seeking independence of Eritrea.

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