Ancient Egypt hairstyles

The hairstyle of women in ancient Egypt


During Antiquity, the hair of Egyptian women constituted an essential asset of seduction, like jewelry and makeup.
Objects of care, they were groomed according to trends and modes.



They were relaxing the hair with scented oils, and then smoothing them using a comb of wood or ivory. They were then braided generally in thin mats.
Some combs, curved form, were specifically intended to order the hair. Made of wood or metal, their body was carved and delicately crafted.
Similarly, hairpins in gold or silver or crimped with precious stones were commonly used.

Sometimes, a diadem, a crown, or more simply a banner embroidered, maintained the hair in rear.

The hair itself was then adorned with decorative elements: flowers, a rod of lotus, ribbons, small parcels of gold.
The use of the wig was current, without however replace the natural hair. Women could toggle between the one and the other, a wig was  essentially used fot the days of celebration and to protect themselves from the sun.
This ornament was generally reserved for the upper class, prepared by the artisans with real braided hair or curly iron, and mounted on a lightweight mesh so that it does not take too hot. For the Egyptians of popular classes, she was manufactured with vegetable fibers or  with wool.
The wig was braided scope, or at curly iron.
The more often scented, the Noble fixed during the holidays a cone of scented grease which pervaded the hairstyle of perfume.

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