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5 Insane African Hairstyles you should adopt for 2017!

2017 is one step away from us with its usual bunch of good resolutions, stop smoking, eating healthy, doing gym etc… But for a change, you should consider adopting this insane traditional African hairstyles that will make you stand out of the crowd and that the bolder hairstylists couldn’t even not imagine.

Braided spiky up do

nigeriaThis hairstyles is from Nigeria and commonly worn by women in the north of the country. Cornrows and braided spiky up-do are the recipe for this amazing style.It’s a very classy and could be worn in any occasion.

EPSON scanner image

I have no idea how this style is done but it sure looks really great and unique. It is a traditional hairstyles from Burkina Faso, in West Africa, worn by single women before their wedding. It aims to make them look more attractive.

Mohawk from Niger


What a beauty, she looks like a queen with this “Mohawk” styles. It is a traditionl coiffure from Niger, not to be confused with Nigeria, it has cornrows on the side and a central stripe of natural hair maintained by a leather over stitched band and a leather mask decorated with ornaments.


Gunfura Traditional hairstyle


The Gunfura is a traditional hairstyle from the Karrayu tribe which lives in Ethiopia. Men are wearing this style for the Gaada whic occurs every 8 years under the full moon. So don’t wait 8 years to adopt this amazing style. To know more about Gaada, check here.


Amasunzu hairstyle


It’s a symbol of pride for this community in Rwanda. The traditional Amasunzu hairstyles are truly a piece of art but not only. For the men, it symbolizes the bravery and the force of the warriors. But women only adopt this style before to get married, it shows in the Amasunzu community their purity and virginity. Once the men stop fighting and the women are married, they let freely their hair grow. The design and the shapes are awesome, I am really speechless when I see this creativity.

I hope it gave you ideas and inspiration for 2017. Do not hesitate to comment and to share.

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