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13 astonishing futuristic african hairstyles that inspire!

I was surfing the internet in my web when I stumble upon this article about the british hairdresser of the year from the London hair academy. The London hair academy has used us to showcase highly creative hairstylists but this year the finalist, Lisa Farrall, has just beaten all expectations.


Lisa Farrall

Lisa Farrall is a well known hairstylist on the british hair scene. She has been regularly working with celebrities, TV personalities and artists and everybody recognize her unique touch. She is definitely  a trend setter rather than a follower and she is not scared to take risks and to cross the red lie for our greatest pleasure.


Futuristic, tribal and afro-inspired hairstyles

She won this year the award from the London Hair Academy in the Afro category. She presented 13 absolutely amazing afro-hairstyles shot by Mark Marcus Nugent.

She has been able to capture and illustrate the modernity and beauty of the black hair. While the natural hair debate in the afro-community is very active, the stunning work done by Lisa Farral illustrates the utterly modernity and absolute beauty of the african hairstyles by using the codes of the traditional hairstyles worn on the black continent for centuries.

I wish that pictures can inspire us to be bolder and prouder of our african hairitage.

1. Futuristic african short hairstyle

The below hairstyle is directly inspired from the Amasunzu hairstyle that was commonly worn in Rwanda.


2. Futuristic hairstyles for long hair: Nigerian Braids

The picture below is directly inspired fron the traditional nigerian hairstyles that have been pictured by J.D. Okhai Ojeikere in the second half of the 20th century.


3. Futuristic and stylish bantu knots


4. Colored and sculpted afro




5. African braided hairstyles








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